Daniela Zondagh | REALITY TV SERIES
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“How do you survive almost 9000 kilometres of travelling dirt roads ? Nine thousand kilometres of new adventures, misadventures, old friends, new friends, badly behaved friends ? What does it take to be away from all your creature comforts for two months ? For 70 days and the 1 400-odd hours that fly by in a moment ?


We like to think it takes a very special breed of humans. The dust-kickers, crazy hearts and adrenalin seekers. The runaways. The hippies in the making. The accidentals and the newbies. The type of people suit-and-tie-wearing 9-to-5ers are secretely envious of. Those who celebrate new friendships in endless car rides, with endless playlists. Those who talk around blazing fires late into the night and early hours of the morning “ – Helena Lombard



Taken from the forward from the book – Road tripping by Justin Bonello and written by Helena Lombard